Pricing: Individual therapy 50 minute session: $180. Couples or family therapy 50 minute session: $225. I accept ACH Bank Transfers, cash (through PayPal) or credit card. Payment is due prior to time of scheduled video conferencing sessions. Sessions are available through telehealth, also known as teletherapy.

Insurance: I do not take insurance, but do provide a receipt of payment (superbill) as an out-of-network provider for PPO insurance plans with mental health benefits so that you can receive reimbursement from your insurance. Superbills are offered monthly after I am able to offer a mental health diagnosis. Not all diagnoses are reimbursable, and each insurance company has their own requirements for determining reimbursement. I recommend checking in with your insurance provider before beginning treatment if you plan to get reimbursed for psychotherapy.

Scheduling: Sessions are once or twice weekly, and require a commitment to a regularly scheduled time and day. Increased duration and frequency of sessions may shift if needed.

FREE 20 MINUTE CONSULTATION: If you are interested in receiving teletherapy psychotherapy sessions with me, we will first have a free 20 minute consultation video session to (1) answer any questions you may have, (2) address the teletherapy technology for technology-smooth sessions, (3) get a sense of what it would be like working together, (4) address cost and payment arrangements, and (5) identify the issue(s) you are seeking psychotherapy for. If it turns out face to face therapy is best for you, or we are not a good match for any reason, I will do my best to provide referrals of other therapists you may want to consider.

Missed Sessions: I require a 24 hour notice if my clients need to cancel or change their appointment. If not given a 24 hour notice, my clients are charged for the full session amount.

“Self work comes from one thing – thinking that you are worthy.” – Wayne Dyer